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Sell your car for cash

At U-Pick Car Wrecker's we'll buy your car for cash. Simply let us know the make and model of your unwanted, uroadworthy or written-off car and we'll gladly come and take it off your hands.

Car bodies are composed of many useful parts that can be stripped and then reused or recycled. The selling of second hand car parts reduces the need for new parts to be manufactured and prevents unwanted car bodies from becoming obsolete and valuable resources going to waste.

At U-Pick Car Wreckers, we'll strip all useful parts from the car, including liquids, batteries and mechanical parts which will be reused or recycled. The remaining vehicles are crushed flat and transported to metal shredding companies who process them to recover metal. This metal, in turn, is used by steel mills and foundries to produce new steel products and other finished goods, including parts for new vehicles.

For more information or to sell your unwanted or unroadworthy car, pop in for a visit or contact Wayne today on 0412 598 822.